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  • Skeleton Gardens

    Skeleton Gardens

    Grow some beautiful bone trees in your very own Skeleton Gardens. They will not only look good but will also help you defeat ...

    40% play
  • MazeEye


    In this creative puzzle game you must help an eye that is stuck in a series of maze. Find a way out of these labyrinths by sl...

    40% play
  • Purbalds


    Meet the Purbalds! These purple creatures must overcome a series of platform challenges that are filled with puzzle element. ...

    60% play
  • Sanguine 2

    Sanguine 2

    Eleanor is a sanguine vampire who loves to suck every drop of blood out of her human victims. Transform into a vampire and sl...

    50% play
  • Shuffle Time 3

    Shuffle Time 3

    The unfortunate crash of a time machine causes that things from eleven different time periods were mixed together. You are th...

    57% play
  • Broken Horn

    Broken Horn

    The heroic creature of this game suffers from a broken horn on his helmet. You find out that your horn has been hidden somewh...

    60% play
  • Forgotten Hill Puppeteer

    Forgotten Hill Puppeteer

    I left behind that horrible house. I need to get to the car as soon as possible, I hope that everything is okay and that weâ€...

    27% play
  • Freak Show

    Freak Show

    Welcome to Freak Show! After waking up you see a poster on the wall that welcomes you to the freak show. Find out what the he...

    48% play
  • Exit Path 2

    Exit Path 2

    The second part of Exit Path is once again an action driven platforming game which will get your adrenaline levels pumping to...

    62% play
  • J-Tubeus


    Meet J-Tubeus, a robot who like every other robot follows a daily routine. Every day this robot wakes up at exactly the same ...

    58% play
  • Escape Plan: Diamond Mine

    Escape Plan: Diamond Mine

    One moment you were sleeping…and then the next moment you woke up in a diamond mine! It’s time to come up with an escape ...

    62% play
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