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End of summer 2018

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Cube Escape Paradox

After creating 12 games within the Rusty Lake universe we are excited to bring you: Paradox - a combined Rusty Lake short film and game. Both game and movie follow the story of a detective who finds himself trapped in two different universes and needs to escape. The game will uniquely interact with the movie, via television, telephone, tape recorders and so on. We've carefully placed a ton of visual hints hidden in the movie, which can then be used in the game. The game will feature two chapters, one free to play and one premium. Both set in the same room but they will feature different puzzles and objects.


  • A story and setting that matches the Paradox film
  • Gameplay as you would expect from the tenth Cube Escape
  • Unique connections and interactions with the short film
  • There will be two different levels available (one for free and one premium), both will feature different puzzles
  • There will be different endings
  • A lot of typical Rusty Lake moments
  • Available on iOS, Android, Steam and itch.io
  • Supporting 14 different languages


Official Kickstarter trailer YouTube

Johan Scherft's Mr. Crow Painting YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "INDIGO selection" Dutch Game Garden, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2018


  • " Rusty Lake Paradox is a movie/game crossover, seeking funds"
    - John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • " Next Rusty Lake game, and accompanying film, beats Kickstarter goal within 10 hours"
    - Samuel Horti, PC Gamer
  • "Rusty Lake's long-awaited short film project is live on Kickstarter and it's cooler than we thought it'd be "
    - Emily Sowden, PocketGamer
  • "Short-Film/Game Paradox Kickstarter Has Already Surpassed Funding Goal "
    - Emily Hobbs, Dualshockers

Victor Butzelaar
Victor will design the atmospheric and suspense soundtrack for both movie and game .

Bob Rafferty
Awesome voice-over for Mr. Crow .

About Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake is both the name of our indie game studio and the eerie and surrealistic world we have created. Become part of Rusty Lake's mysterious adventures!

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Rusty Lake
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