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  • Skeleton Gardens

    Skeleton Gardens

    Grow some beautiful bone trees in your very own Skeleton Gardens. They will not only look good but will also help you defeat ...

    40% play
  • Shuffle Time 3

    Shuffle Time 3

    The unfortunate crash of a time machine causes that things from eleven different time periods were mixed together. You are th...

    57% play
  • Daymare Cat

    Daymare Cat

    A daymare is best described as a nightmare during the day. In Daymare Cat you control a little girl which is on a scary sleep...

    31% play
  • One Chance

    One Chance

    There are 6 days remaining on Earth...How are you going to spend them? Make your own choices, but there is only one chance to...

    37% play
  • Sanguine 2

    Sanguine 2

    Eleanor is a sanguine vampire who loves to suck every drop of blood out of her human victims. Transform into a vampire and sl...

    50% play
  • Broken Horn

    Broken Horn

    The heroic creature of this game suffers from a broken horn on his helmet. You find out that your horn has been hidden somewh...

    60% play
  • The Company of Myself

    The Company of Myself

    ‘If you have a minute, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.’ The game introduces a lonely protagonist which became ...

    44% play
  • Snowball World

    Snowball World

    Help kitten Snowball to reach the end of 20 levels in this puzzle platformer. Find the key and get to the exit by jumping ove...

    40% play
  • Neon Maze

    Neon Maze

    Fly around with a futuristic spaceship through an amazing atmospheric world filled with magical lights. When you touch the di...

    47% play
  • Mars Raider

    Mars Raider

    Scientists claim that one day people will live on Mars. The people of planet earth are sending a cat to scout the red planet ...

    43% play
  • Nevermore 2

    Nevermore 2

    On a free day off you decide to stretch your legs by chasing a squirrel at the base of a tree on a large rock. Your Jamaican-...

    48% play
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Platform games

We collected the best free online platform games for you on Rusty Lake! Test your jumping skills by overcoming obstacles and don’t fall into dangerous traps. Collect all the loot, unlock the secrets and reach the ending of the stage in these challenging platform games which are sometimes frustratingly hard. Use your skills to complete all the levels in every game!